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Air Dancer

Air Dancer

Product name:Air Dancer



 Custom Inflatable Air Dancer Specifications: 

Air Dancer inflatable tube man attachment product comes with all parts needed for operation (excluding blower)
Material: High strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin
Material: Air Dancer inflatable tube man bottom is constructed with 600D pvc/nylon
Material: Letters & logos are embroidered (longest lasting best quality)
Air Dancer is NOT intended for use in rain
Height of air dancer is 6ft tall or 8ft or custom size.
Diameter of air dancer is 9"
Designed for 9" diameter LookOurWay air dancer blowers
However is compatible with all velcro 9" diameter mount blowers
Air Dancers by Shanghai Better AD are the unique and small inflatable tube man promotional advertising product that can be used for almost every attention grabbing occasion. 6ft Air Dancers are designed to be used for small business advertising and promotion or for personal event use. The most common examples of person event uses would include; birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding parties, etc. The Air Dancers 6ft model is affordable and portable. For anyone trying to find a unique way to get attention to a party, home business event, open house, garage sale, flea market, trade show booth, or any event that needs attention,  6ft Air Dancer is the perfect solution.


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